How does the artwork selection work once I send you my logo?

Once we have received your completed registration, our design team will use the logo and information provided to create your design.  Our team takes pride in our design and is excited to present you with a truly unique product.  

How does the Squad Program work?

The Squad Program works on a 4-6 week turnaround after sizes, styles, and artwork are confirmed. The process starts by you creating account that tells us what styles you are interested in, team colours, and artwork submission. From there you work with our Squad Sales Manager who will guide you through the rest of the process.

Are sizing kits available?

As we monitor regulations of COVID-19, sizing kits are currently unavailable. However, our team has made sure to provide as much information on each product page to ensure you get the size you need.

Do you offer custom names and numbers?

Yes, in our Full Custom program. However, names and numbers are not currenlty available with our in-stock program